Exceptional Rodeo Gallery

The Children's Exceptional Rodeo


Welcome to the exciting world of pro-rodeo, “The Greatest Show on Dirt”. Do you remember as a child growing up playing cowboys and Indians? Of course, we all do. Envision a small child growing up in today’s world watching world champions ride some of the best bulls and horses that the rodeo world has to offer. How many times do you think a child has wondered what it is really like to be a cowboy or cowgirl? How many times do you think will have the opportunity to fulfill their dream?

Well, at The First Frontier Circuit Finals Rodeo we can make their dreams come true, if only for one night. Welcome to the Exceptional Rodeo. Our dream is to offer to the children of Your Organization a chance to meet cowboys and cowgirls. A chance to learn about the sport of rodeo and be on the dirt to experience what the life of rodeo is all about. But most of all, to put a smile on their face and help make a dream come true.

The Exceptional Rodeo will take place the afternoon before the rodeo starts. It will consist of approximately 35 to 50 kids with Physical or Mental disabilities. The age range is usually 5 to 15. These children are invited to the exceptional rodeo through invitations mailed or phoned by the Hershey Harrisburg Regional Visitors Bureau. Parents and grandparents will be invited to come along to watch the activity in the arena.

The children are given the opportunity to learn to rope the dummy calves, climb in and out of the bull fighter’s barrel, meet the clowns, bull fighters, cowboys, horse rides and even get there picture atop of a real bull. On most occasions, we will have television and radio, and newspaper for the children to meet. The event will last one and a half/two hours. This will take place in the New Holland Arena without any charge to the children or their parents. It is even free to the public.

The children taking part in the Exceptional Rodeo will receive a cowboy hat, T-shirt, bandana, a autographed poster, back number and a picture of them sitting on the back of a bull, and the contestant that helps them go through the different events.

Exceptional Rodeo Gallery

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